Question about McCarty Hollowbody Truss Rod Cover


New Member
Mar 11, 2018
Hi Everyone,

I was hoping to get some feedback from the group on a Hollowbody I encountered the other day (see attached photos). I was interested in buying it but had a question about the date of construction and the truss rod cover. The guitar serial number and hang tag say the guitar was made in 2008, but the truss rod cover has the logo "S 2010" on it. I also noticed what looks like Paul's signature on the back of the headstock.

Can anyone rationalize the date and the truss rod cover? Was this a limited run model? Thanks!
A previous owner was a Signature member and put the truss rod cover on the guitar. S=Signature, 2010=the year of membership.
Signature members, among other things, start PRS Experience a night ahead of non members.
I own a McCarty HB 2001 , it is my all time #1 axe.
Every guitar I've owned has paled in comparison, I hope you can make the deal, you won't regret it,
Thanks guys. And yes, I did follow through with buying it. Very much looking forward to trying it out. I understand that the Archtop pickups are not designed to be able to split. Has anyone replaced the pickups in their hollowbody with ones that can be split (e.g. 57/08's)?