Punk vs. Metal

Albrecht Smuten

Nine of Hearts
Jul 17, 2012
Prague, Czech Republic
Once I had an online argument with group of people who saw no difference between punk and metal. Eventually I got so tired that I stated it's like the difference between Sex Pistols and Dream Theater. This exaggeration got me into even deeper trouble.

Now this guy shows those two different approaches in one song, both equally nice and pleasant (not mocking punk at all):

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For me, it has a lot to do with being so close to NYC when I started playing. Metal/punk/hardcore were all around and the crossover was in full effect.
However, if you ask me, I'll always tell you I'm a metalhead. :five:
Punk for me. My son got me into it when he was in high school, and since I wanted to jam with him...

I'm not a metal fan.
I grew up with all the great rock from the 60s into the 70s. One night in the late 70s I saw the Ramones. I said " I can do that" and me and my buds started a punk band. We couldnt play but we didnt care. Great punk remains more of an attitude than a musical style for me. Metal is cool too. But if I had to choose I go back to the great wave of NY punk rock from CBs.
It's an overused cliche, but I like some of most types of music; punk and metal included. About the only style that doesn't interest me very much is Rap, and there's even a little of that I like sparingly.

It seems that Motorhead was the first band to straddle the line between punk and metal and this may be part of the reason they are legendary. Either way, I enjoy both punk and metal
The funny thing is that punk kids are influenced by metal and metal kids are influenced by punk. Since both are kind of shunned by the mainstream, there is a brotherly vibe between bands and fans of both genres. That's how you get lovely fusions like hardcore!