Punk Band Name Generator

I wish we had this generator back when I was in punk bands, every combination is cooler than what we named our old bands.

...which is too dark for my personality, even thought it's hilarious... "Mid 30s career-type suburban mom and dad of two kids in a band together called BLOOD FILTH PROJECT"

But yeah, BUDGET MEAT GODS is fantastic. SECRET DISCO PIGS makes me laugh out loud. I could never tell anyone our band name without laughing.
Introducing....the "Battery Razor Experience"!

All good bands should feature nepotism....

My son is Blood Zebra Experience

My Daughter (using her soon to be married name) would be Negative Noise Threat

My Wife would be Bad Noise Crime

The name of my former Private Practice would have been...."Battery Death Criminals". How fitting.
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Battery Panic Criminals....

This reminds me of how you choose your porn name: your middle name and the name of any street you have lived....