PRS's biggest failure, sales wise.

Here's one of them. Who's got the other two?


Yummy....................... I want one too :rock:
thank you all for your assistance and help regarding the prs santana rasta, I received a lot of information from you guys that I had no idea about, I learned a lot and I really appreciate your time & attention. I got all the information I wanted and please keep up the good work in this forum, I´ll stick around for sure.
I do like the Rasta's shown above, but my favourite Rasta PRS would be this one:

That's a nice and probably expensive attempt on the theme. Too bad they got it wrong. The colors always have to read green, gold and red from left to right.
Biggest FAIL had to be the DGT goldtop with old birds...
They only made about 20 of them and realized what a mistake they had made...

I kinda like that billy SE very bare-bones vibe to it, excluding the weird green inlay, if it was just green dots/moons then it'd be much better =3
Learn something new every day - I had no idea that PRS made bongo stands.

My HG70 alive and kickin'

I bought this used as an 'investment' because so few were produced. I still play it now and then to remind myself why I'm not playing it.

Let's be clear here: a failure is when consumers don't respond with demand commensurate with the producer's investment in the product. Limited editions and one-offs still count, but ONLY if the demand is still not great enough to consume that limited supply.
In retrospect, one of the biggest disappintments, sales wise, was the PS Howard Leese Golden Eagle replica. It took a long time for dealers to move the stock and I noticed many languishing on eBay for a long time. I wish I hadn't traded my #001/100 from that run.

Replica guitars are weird enough, but I think the decision to duplicate the plug in the top like the original was a deal breaker for a lot of people.

As great a player, musician and producer as Howard is -- and I take my hat off to him -- that guitar is not iconic enough that folks would line up for it. Howard played a lot of guitars over the years. Nice idea, but didn't make a lot of sense.
I can't say that I would ever buy a guitar JUST because some artist has his name on it - there needs to be a better reason. My favorite guitarist is David Gilmour, but there is absolutely no chance that I'm going to rush off for a Gilmour strat.

Mine TOO!

...and I owned the NOS Gilmour Strat. Trust me, the MAGIC isn't from that Guitar. ;)

I WOULD LOVE to see what Mr. Gilmour would sound like with say a "Paul's Guitar" in his hands. :D Yes, I know it would sound like him but I think it might even be MORE wonderful to listen too! ;)
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too many artists series

The PRS line is a work of art in and of itself
Woods and colors are awesome

I think the vari-tone-like pickup selector knobs
were a mistake, but I think thats been remedied

IMHO, of course

FWIW I LOVE my SE Custom 24
Can't wait to hold my very own 408
My mistake Sergio, I thought you wanted one of the original rastas.

No mistake what-so-Iver my friend! I was just under the impression that there were only three made, my post just reflected the mini-stroke I was having knowing there are more out there.