PRS with Strat-like neck pickup


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Jul 16, 2013
I agree with the statement, "if you want a Strat, buy a Strat" but I'm curious which core-model PRS with a split-coil neck pick-up comes closest to a Strat.
I don´t agree with that, okay, to a certain extent if you focus on body design, pickup layout. To hunt in Strat´s territory it is face validity to have a pickup layout with a singlecoil in the middle between a bass and a treble pickup. I am aswell not convinced that this is very much related to material or neck construction (bold on or set neck), but scale is a factor.

The same with Tele.
I tested a bunch of Teles (MiUS, MiM, MiJ, Squier (China, other Asian countries)) with SC SC layout and wasn´t convinced by that supposed unique singlecoil sound.

And it´s the same with all those LP enthusiasts seeking the holy grail sound...

I found a guitar which gives me warm (and if necessary fat) humbucker sound for all kind of clean, crunch, overdrive, high gain. But it deals with snappy singlecoil voicings for dirty crunch or even clean sounds, dealing with familiar voicings for position 2 and 4.

Recently I purchased an other guitar designed by PRS and built in Korea, with only has a HB HB layout, but coil split action via push-pull puti. And in singlecoil mode this guitar is very nice an snappy, too. And it´s not a Tele or Strat. It has a quarter more scale than my Core one. And it´s exactly with that in Fender territory.

My two Cent.
For Strat tone try a Brent Mason with the 408's in split mode, an NF model with the narrowfields or for Tele sounds try a DGT in split mode.........
For Strat tone try a Brent Mason with the 408's in split mode...

I concur. My Brent Mason matches my USA Fender quite well - for all positions (1 thru 5). With HSH, it's my most flexible guitar and works well in my cover band without needing to switch guitars.
B Mason Sig
are current bet you could find new old stock or used
Pauls guitar
Personally I'm not convinced with split humbucker sounds,I prefer to turn down volume on neckpickup on my DGT and it sounds fabulous.I love strats but that DGT neckpickup turned down is the best neck pickup sound ive ever heard.
I popped out the slugs in the humbuckers in my SEs and replaced them with A5 rod magnets, then rewired the pickups with 4-conductor wire, and wired them on one guitar with a 5-way rotary and the another to mini-toggles with a variation of the DGT mod (using lower value resistors). I like the latter wiring better overall, and it'll get you the Strat neck tone for all of $10-15.
Vela. Maybe it's a bit more Tele sounding, with the pickup in back on, but that neck pickup is really need. It reminded me of the strat I had, but it's better.

Otherwise the 513 has the strat pickup option.