PRS with only One side dot on the 12th fret

Or for those of you who speak Roman, this Entwistle bass would work.

There were players Paul made guitars for who didn't need dots on the neck to tell them where the 12th fret was - folks like like Carlos Santana, Howard Leese, and other early pro PRS players.

I guess Paul didn't feel the dots were necessary until 2006.

I played them from 1991 on, and didn't even notice there wasn't a double dot at the 12th fret (though I make no claim to guitar fame). I guess the need for them depends on the individual.

I probably don't need the two dots at the 12th fret, since I didn't feel the need in the early days. However, we're all different, and there's nothing at all wrong with needing two dots at fret 12.
I wouldn't hack any guitar. :D

I put a drop of glow in the dark paint on the single dots and a line that connects the dots, or about that length on the guitar with only one dot on the 12th.

Call me what you will, but I like seeing spots once in a while.
You mean when you spit coffee at your computer monitor, yeah? Moist paper towel followed by dry.
I noticed the single dot right away the first time I played a PRS that had it. I think that is because I had many years of playing Fender and Gibson guitars before I got the chance to play a PRS. I was conditioned to see two dots at the 12th fret. If I had started out with a PRS with a single dot, I probably wouldn't have been bothered by it at all.
Thanks. However, if one plays a lot of different guitars, some of which are single cut, others more cuts...
Oh...well...I play A LOT of different guitars. Tonight I am deciding between my PS Santana, Gibson 83' LP custom or my 82' Ibanez destroyer. Hmmm. I actually wanted to play my 94 CU24 tonight but my other guitarist wanted to use it. Tomorrow is a St. Patty's my CS Gibson LP green sparkle is gunna be the winner there. I'm gunna take this D'angelico off me so i can go get a bowl of cereal now.
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