PRS Torero with a Schaller vintage tremolo - demo


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Apr 21, 2014
Vancouver BC
Ripped out the Floyd Rose and found a direct replacement that works with the posts, looking not to shred, but go for the superstrat feel in a PRS. No longer a metal monster but still a monster of a guitar. Some folks may have seen this guitar before but not in this context. Backing track is with my Taylor 814.

That's a Dimarzio Dual Sound AKA Super Distortion in the bridge.

PRS should expand on the through neck concept but in a more traditional style, although I think my CU22 is still a better guitar.

Thanks for watching!

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Very nice....thanks for posting. And glad to know there is a direct drop in replacement for Floyd Rose bridges...not a fan of Floyds, but have seen a few PRS SEs with Floyd's, and now know I could remedy that pretty easily. Again, neat tune!
Found it from watching this guy. He's got all the links you'll need.
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