PRS Studio with MEV/Paul’s bridge pickup


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Jun 17, 2024
I have a PRS McCarty 2020 that I love and wouldn’t change a single thing; the pattern neck, playability, ergonomics, etc are way better than other guitars I have. I would love a PRS Studio to go with it, except (to minimise overlap with the McCarty) it would be ideal if the Studio bridge pickup was the same as an MEV or Paul’s guitar. Such a pickup would also look much better on the Studio (I don’t like the current mix of covered and uncovered pickups).

Does anyone know if PRS has ever created such a model, even as short runs? Unfortunately Private stock is too expensive 😩
Just to add to my previous post, I also have a Fender American Deluxe strat (sss with SCN pickups) and, together with my McCarty, they cover all the sounds I want. However, whenever I switch between guitars, the McCarty always feels much, much better, especially the pattern neck. A PRS Studio might be a good alternative to my strat, especially with a different bridge pickup. As you can tell from my choice of strat, I’m not bothered with having true single coil pickups providing they are in a similar ballpark, are not thin sounding and are hum-cancelling. Any suggestions?
The narrow form TCI pickup has never been in any short run style guitar outside of private stock. If its really an aesthetics can replace the covered bucker with a squabin style 59/09 or 85/15.