PRS studio middle pickup's ring problem


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Mar 11, 2013
Hello guys,

I have a little problem...

I have a PRS Studio, the new model with 2 narrowfields pickups.

When I play, especially by standing, I always pick the middle pickup's ring and I hate it.
The pickup is not a problem, but the ring...yes!

I know , probably it is because I always used to play a Gibson Les Paul, where I have a big distance between the pickups and I can pick wherever I want...

When i bought this model of guitar, I played it by sitting, and I didn't have any kind of problem.
But now, that I'm playing a lot with my band, I have to find a solution...

I really love this instrument, and I cannot believe I have to play it worried about that ring...

What can I do?

Do you have any suggest please?

Thank you very much for your help.
Try adjusting your strap so the guitar is in the same, or very similar position to when you are sitting.

Hope that helps, I'm sure the Studio is a fantastic guitar (I love Narrowfields!)
I was thinking about moving down the ring... but I don't know how...
Do you think it could be a solution?
You could take the ring off and sand down the bottom to reduce the height. You may want to make sure you can buy a replacement from PRS first, just in case things go wrong.
It is excatly what I thought...
I looked for a narrowfield ring on internet... but I couldn't find it =/

Thank you very much guys
Try a shorter pick.

I'm serious. You might be surprised. And it won't cost much to find out.
I would contact John Mann. I've seen some innovative things he's done with pickup rings. He could probably build you a low profile ring...
Remove the pickup? Complete? or only the ring?

May I remove only the ring? or the pickup will move without it?
meh...try not to worry about it for a while. Like I said at the other'll probably get used to it..or more likely, you'll make an unconscious adjustment and it'll stop "happening". Good Luck