PRS split tones

So of course I go to rehearsal and I bring my CE22 but I get no sound out of any of the 5 way rotary positions except the first, bridge humbucker.
So now I have to pull it apart and see what is happening. I replaced the Dragon bridge pickup months ago with a Dragon II as a test, but went back to the Dragon.
I know I tested it as well, but now I'm getting no sound at all from all 5 way positions, except the bridge position on the rotary. :(
Any idea why the older McCarty is so much lower volume in the middle position? Wirh full humbucker mode.
I have to say, while I think PRS has done the split-coil thing pretty well, it's still not impressing me (on my DGT). I mean, it's ok. For a gigging guitar it's ok. But at home, if I want a single coil neck (for example), I'm picking up my strat or tele. I've never heard any builder's split tones to be anything other than a compromise. I learned quickly that the DGT, for me, is ALL about the bridge pickup, floored. THAT is what that guitar does, and it's the best medium-output bridge humbucker I've ever heard. (I still love my JBs, but they are for higher-gain stuff).
I agree Ruger...

I notice on my 2005 McCarty, the middle position is much lower in volume than the bridge and neck Pickup alone - in full humbucker mode. Doesn't make sense to me. Split tones are unusable live but I am going to use a boost pedal to make up the volume. Until then, I'll use my CE22.