PRS Silver Sky Maple neck - Why JM don't use it on live? Or I'm wrong


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Nov 2, 2021
Hi everyone

I'm writting from Spain. I have 2 PRS SS, one from 2018 in Horizon Red with rosewood fretboard. Other from 2021 Moc Sand Satin with maple fretboard.

In my opinion with the two guitars, I like more the rosewood. In terms os sound is almost the same, but little better for me the rosewood from 2018 rather than maple. May be is a mysticism.

My question is... why John Mayer don't use the maple version on stage or studio? I don't watch them with one of this maple versions.


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When the Silver Sky was first released, it was Rosewood fretboards only, because that's what JM prefers.

The maple FB is purely for marketing to people like me, who prefer that wood, and might not otherwise buy a Silver Sky. And JM knows it is a common option on almost every S-type made, so I don't think he put up too much of a bother to get more royalties by offering the option.
Yes, I know. But if you have one of them, you can "feel" that the finish of the neck is not the same. I don't mean worst but yes not the same level of finished because is not gloss, is satin like natural wood. Some people will like more this finish and feel/speed on the wood