PRS should have Tremonti's solo band at The Experience this year!

Michael B

New Member
Apr 27, 2012
Saratoga Springs New York
Title says it all ladies and gentleman!! The new Tremonti cd is amazing, very big PRS artist, hasn't been at the Experience in years....and I would really like to see him there :)!!!
Creed's last tour date is sept 9, Tremonti could potentially do it.
Alterbridge would be better since both Mark and Myles are beloved, long time endorsers of the company - just sayin' ;)
I don't think you could go wrong to invite any of Mark's bands performing at ExPRS.

+1 on the new Tremonti Project cd being amazing. I'm really diggin it!
Wouldn't be surprised to see Mark's solo band there. The CD is very heavy, hat would probably make his solo band the heaviest that the PRS Experience has had perform too huh?
Awesome Idea.But Brian on a PRS bass doesn't sound right.I don't know why.