PRS SE Tremonti Custom 2014 nut replacement

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Apr 17, 2018
Hey dudes,

So I've modded everything on this guitar over the years. One thing that has always bothered me though was not being able to find a nut that fits perfectly. I've installed 4 nuts on this guitar I think learning and experimenting. I've seen you guys recommend the US PRS nut that comes in packs of 2, but they look a bit ugly. In the sense that, they are thinner that the SE nut and leave some wood poking out. Then there's the Graphtech 6643, which is a better fit, but still leaves a little space.
So idk, do you know any other options?
Unfortunately I don't have the SE nut anymore, I must have gotten rid of it in like 2015. But I thought maybe I could try getting a bone or TUSQ nut molded exactly after the SE nut shape?

So like I said unfortunately, I don't have the SE nut to measure it and I can't buy a new one without paying import taxes. I'm in Spain and PRS sells them from the UK.
So I'm playing detective now. If the item code for the USA nut is 4202 does that mean that it's 42mm long? That would explain why it didn't fit so well. The item code for the SE nut is 4522. Does that mean that the SE nut is actually 45mm and not 43mm? Despite what the official PRS SE website says... Because the 43mm nut is still a bit short. Taking a look at the guitar, there might (MIGHT) be enough space for another 2mm.
The good news is I found a nut that might be a better fit, than the 43mm this time. The PT 6234.
Also I read here somewhere that the original E to E string spacing on PRS SE was around 36,5mm? And the Graphtech 6643 is 35mm. And the 6234 is 37,6mm. So I'd have a wider string spacing closer to the original..?
Then I could compensate for the radius with some nut files, if I have to..

I'll buy it and try it.

Anyone can measure their stock SE nut for me? Pretty pleeeease?? 🥺🥺 On a wide thin neck guitar, PRS SE Tremonti if possible..
To be honest I bought this used and it could be a replacement although it looks like the block plastic white stock, however I agree that that’s it’s not a flush fit, I’ll be swapping this one out when I get around to it ( only had the guitar a couple months) but will have a tech do it I think
Nope, checked my order history and it was a 6643. I wonder why it's shorter than the slot SHOULD be a perfect fit..