PRS SE Standard 24 Pickup upgrade


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Jan 4, 2023
I have got PRS SE standard 24 few months back. It plays great and smooth. Only thing I would like to change is the pickups. I use VOX practice amp to practice normally. And both of them together give me a very trebly sound. There is lack of bass. The pickups have clarity but are not suited for metal. I was planning to put Sentient Nazgul on them. Any suggestions? Am I missing something or PRS has more treble in general? I have Ibanez and one headless 7 string with sentinel nazgul. Ibanez sometimes sounds better than PRS.
All of my SE's (with the exception of my Silver Sky SE) now have Seymour Duncan pickups. The Korean pickups were OK but the guitars are so good they deserved better pickups. I like Duncan Antiquitys, 59's, and Pearly Gates. Those are all based on Gibson pafs and sound great for blues. Metal? Not my thing. But you'd get a ton of suggestions on the Duncan User Forum.
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I have never changed stock pickups on any of my guitars. Thank you guys, I will change the pickups :)
If you're not getting the tone you want, swap the pickups. That having been said, the amp's voicing can also have a big impact on your tone as far as it being bright, etc. I have a Vox AC4 that I play through at home from time to time and it is noticeably brighter/more trebly than my Peavey Delta Blues that I was gigging prior to switching to a Helix.

As for what may work well in an SE Standard for metal, SD has a couple of good offerings, but don't sleep on some of the offerings from Bare Knuckle either. For metal the Cold Sweat or Painkiller would be great. If you're doing new pickups, it may also be worth looking into going to some Fishman Fluence Moderns, EMG's, or even the Duncan Blackout line.