PRS SE Standard 24-08 bridge pickup issue


New Member
Oct 23, 2022
Hi all,

Recently got the 24-08 from Sweetwater mailed to me. I’ve got a Gibson LP, Fender Strat, and an acoustic. I run all my guitars through a Polytune 3 (for the buffer) through a Line 6 Pod Go wireless. I use both in-ears at home and FRFR monitors. Never had any issues with this rig before and I love gigging with it.

So out of the box the guitar was great. I spent a few days playing it without any issues. Just yesterday, I was having a sesh playing some gain and chorus-y stuff when suddenly the bridge pickup started going quiet and became completely mute. When switching to the other pickups, they sounded fine. However sometimes the other pickups would start going quiet and mute as well.

I tried removing the back plate and moving some of the back wires around without being too rough or yanking on anything. Eventually the bridge pickup would come back, but after some time would go quiet again.

Prior to making this post, I’ve ruled out any other issues (changed cables, guitars, removed the Polytune, switched monitors, etc) and it appears as though the guitar is the issue. Sweetwater has already advised that they will reimburse me for any charges to take it to a luthier or shop for repair. Just wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this issue with their 2022 Indonesian PRS. If so, Was it a potentiometer/wiring issue? Pickup issue? Some extrinsic factor you didn’t think of?