PRS SE Semi Hollow-body Piezo rattling sound from humbuckers/rings or bridge


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May 31, 2024
I purchased a standard PRS SE Semi Hollow body Piezo a couple of weeks ago.
Actually a fine instrument for that price. There is a rattling sound coming from somewhere
near the humbuckers, when playing without an amp, just the guitar. It's buzzing.
Thats pretty much only when I play finger-style or classical. Not that I intend to play classical on it,
but yep, playing the D string open with my thumb and some melody on the B string will do it.
Anyone has the same thing ? When I connect it to an amp, it seems OK, unless I force it.
Thats Mag and Piezo, paired or single. Maybe the humbucker space springs are not strong enough ?
Anyway, annoying in a way when playing on my sofa to just practise some stuff.
Congrats, and welcome!
I'd say you're likely on the right track with the pickup springs. Also check the grounding wire, I had a loose one once that caused a buzz/rattle
Pickup springs or possibly a wire rattling against the body I’d guess.