PRS SE Schizoid aka "Jakko" available now.. at GTRMAV

Discussion in 'Authorized PRS Dealers' started by GTRMAV, Oct 13, 2019.


    GTRMAV Authorized PRS Dealer
    Authorized PRS Dealer

    Apr 22, 2013
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    We have waited all year for some of this limited run to show up...
    I want to give our Forum first shot at this one so here you go.
    We ordered 3, but this is the ONLY one we have received or will most likely receive as the run has been sold out for some time to dealers... Limited to 1000 worldwide, my understanding is they never got that many in to sell... So another words, if you want one grab it!!

    This one is very nice at 7 lbs and 7.1 Ounces... Also, the Rosewood Fingerboard is pretty stunning for a SE Guitar..

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