PRS SE Models - Do They Have the Same “Essence” As Core Models?

For me, a great guitar is as much an accident of synchronicity as it is an exercise in design. Sure, you can mitigate some of the variables with quality woods and parts and workmanship, and more of your instruments may fall of the assembly line and be bloody marvelous, but ime - for me - I really have to have the guitar in my hands and play it and feel it and hear it to decide if it's one that's going to rock my world. And sure, I have lots of core PRS guitars in my house, but I've played many, many more, and most of them go back on the rack. Same with my SEs...

I don't know if core guitars have more "PRS essence" than SEs, but one thing we haven't really stressed here is how many guitars in the SE line are their own thing, unique unto themselves and without a core analog. I have four SEs at home right now. They include a Santana Singlecut that is the only 24 fret singlecut guitar with a 24.5" scale and a trem in the PRS catalogue, a Hollowbody Standard that is the only laminate, all-mahogany hollowbody model in the PRS pantheon (not to mention that the SE Hollowbodies as a line are completely different in build and shape from their US-made namesakes), and my SE SAS, a resonant and funky little guitar that has no comparable model available currently as a core. Sure PRS has made core Swamp Ash Special models in the past, but none are in production now, and these newer versions have a lot to commend them, especially the satin finished necks, beautiful birds and really decent pickups. Lastly, I have my old original run SE Soapbar... I've had three of these things over the years and I keep selling them because I have my 25th Anni Mira 245 and I keep buying another one because they seem to have their own cheap 'n' cheerful r'n'r vibe going on and they're just fun, light, loud guitars. The core line hasn't really tried anything like them since the Starla X with P90s... What's the point? I couldn't get a core version of any of these today. I think the SE line allows PRSh to play with ideas and models that'd never see the light of day otherwise. SE models aren't just an off-shore copy of the US guitars; often as not they are their own, cool thing.
"That’s pretty concerning to hear. I was actually considering giving a DGT SE a try (which I’d have to buy sight unseen), but this gives me pause. If anything, I’ve always heard about the consistency of all PRSi, and I’ve found the SEs I’ve played to be very consistent (albeit, not in the same league as Cores). That said, I don’t believe that I’ve ever played an Indonesian SE…just Korean if I’m remembering correctly. It’s been a few years."

I don't think anyone should take any notice of this member. Never played a Cort made SE yet has plenty to say.
and watch out if you say a se isn't a PRS and a core isn't for players.

That argument was never made around Frankie.



SEs are great guitars. Pretty much the top of the line for when it comes to imports

I can agree somewhat regarding "essence" (although that sounds a bit silly), I've tried out quite a few SEs over the years and none of them have really felt like an S2 or Core to me. That isn't a diss on them, again they're super solid guitars but they do feel like other cort built instruments to me, with the look of PRS. Cort makes great stuff, but I think it's hard to deny that its different.

I'd be lying if I didn't say there wasn't some serious temptation for me to finally pick an SE up during that sale!