PRS SE Mcartney


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Sep 2, 2013
What are the chances we will see an SE version of the Mcartney 594
with SE versions of the 58/15LT.
I think it’s very unlikely. They already an SE 245 and 245 standard (24.5” scale), an SE Mark Tremonti and Mark Tremonti Standard (25” scale) and a Zach Myers (24.5” scale). think unlikely that PRS will add any model outside Core with a 24.595” scale or a two piece bridge. If they did, I think the S2s or bolt ons would get one before the SE.

Just an aside, the name of the model is McCarty afte Theodore (Ted) McCarty who helped Paul with the McCarty models and was involved with designs at Gibson during its golden era in the late 50’s.
The only guitar to give you wings!;)

I figure they misspelled Ted McCarty’s name in the first place. It shoulda been McCartney, and goodness knows he needed a Beatle haircut and suit with flood pants and high heeled boots.

Hell, everyone needs a Beatle haircut, Beatle suit, and boots!

“Even women?”