PRS SE Marsden


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Apr 29, 2012
I got a really good deal on an SE Marsden. Changed the nut with a graphtec because I had some buzzing. Checked the relief and for uneven frets. Could not nail down the buzz. Anyway, I put DiMarzio 36th Anniversary pickups in it and it sounded wonderful. I went to the Dallas Guitar Festival. PRS and company is usually there. Paul had to leave early for some reason and there was not a tech available. But, one of the PRS staffers looked at it. He said it was a sympathetic vibration. He offered to have it repaired to my satisfaction under warranty. He had planned to head to Florida so he could not take it with him. Several weeks later he came to my place of work and picked up the guitar. What other company would do that????? I called me the other day and said it was the tuners. Oddly enough the 6th string was making the G string buzz. He said he had ordered replacements and would return it within a week. I have absolutely had no other company go that far to honor their guitar warranties!!!! I hope to send a message to Paul, naming his rep, and thanking him for his beyond the call of duty.
this shows how much passion the PRS staff puts into their work! couldn't give enough props to them. another satisfied customer haha :laugh:

y'hear that Shawn? :D
Here is what I found out. The tuners were causing a sympathetic vibration. There is an 'S" washer built into the tuners that should not have been included with these tuners. The PRS rep replaced three tuners, put a bone nut on it, and crowned the frets. He replaced my Boomers (10s) with .009s. That was all very nice of him and no one else would honor their warranty like that. However, the high E is not tuning up right.

The rep said the metal SE tuners did not do that. Just the plastic keystone tuners. Seems everyone is right about immediately replacing tuners. He also said he thought the nut was too high and lowered it.

Don't get me wrong. I am very pleased. When the guy brought the guitar back to me at my workplace (unreal right!) he gave several of us a history of building these guitars and some technical overviews of how to do guitar repair.