PRS SE Hollowbody II HB 2 Chrome Pickup Rings


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Aug 17, 2022
Hello everyone! I have been going crazy trying to find a flat tapered humbucker ring set for the HB 2. I really want black nickel to match the tuners from Mann but at this point I will be more than happy with chrome. I know about the epiphone set from guitar parts factory but I do not want black (I have them). Anyone have any leads?

Well all finished after many returns and purchases. Here is the result. Very happy!



Items used:

Metal Humbucker Pickup Ring Set SLANTED & FLAT Bottom for Flat Top Guitar CHROME
PRS 3-Way Toggle Switch Caps (USA) - Black
MannMade USA SE Locking Tuner Set - Black Nickel
Metal Domed Knobs for 1/4" solid shaft pots - Smoked Black Nickel Set of 2

More PICS below

PRS Hollowbody II Upgrades
Gorgeous, well done!

Thank you very much!

FYI this was Mann's response to my questions- (Rings, lampshade knobs, and switch cap)

Unfortunately, PRS does not offer replacement pickup rings for SE Hollowbody series guitars.

The knobs are what they are, directly from PRS. I have no other options…If you want them to sit lower, you will have to remove the nut and washer from the pots and install some flat washers onto the pots from inside the guitar. Unfortunately, It’s not an easy task.

It appears that the correct switch tip is US threads (not Metric)!

Luckily we got it done using a mix of his parts and others.