prs se hfs treb pickup


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Jun 16, 2012
Hi Dave in Australia here, i am trying to buy a se hfs bridge humbucker like i have in my se custom 24, if anyone has one for sale please let me know how much ect, oh yes it must be zebra, black and cream.
No, they will be different sounding pickups for the most part... Have you tried eBay? I see a lot of SE pickups for sale there...
i will have a look. im in Australia and there aer not many on ebay Australia in fact none?
hey man, if you didn't know already, the SE HFS pups are actually made by G&B pickups (korea). axesrus used to sell them at a relatively cheap price, but they're gone from the page now. just my 2 cents, I think if you could just add a little more money you could get dimarzios or seymour duncans that would serve you better in the long term and save the time and trouble to hunt for those G&Bs. they're pretty decent but they do feel a tad muddy under high gain :/
thanks for that maxtuna26 , im putting a new bridge bucker in a musicman sub ax3 (axis) was thinking tone zone but i love the hfs in my se custom 24.
gotta love the sbmm SUBs, that price figure is definitely a steal! How are you loving the ax3? I'd suggest you don't put the tone zone in there because, those pickups are really mid-heavy and suits brighter-sounding guitars better, like alder-bodied guitars. Back to the SE HFS, well you've said the australian ebay doesn't have those pickups on sale, so you probably need to look at the international ebay page.

if all else fails, look for ESP LH-150 pickups, they're the same ones as the PRS SE pickups, also I'm not sure whether are they same as the "PRS-designed Treble and Bass" or "PRS-designed SE HFS and Vintage Bass". Just that the only beef you might have with it is the ESP decal on the pickup bobbins :dontknow:

One more thing to clarify on fitting it in the AX3, the AX3 uses a 5 way switch if i'm not mistaken and you could get single-coil tones from it in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th position. That means the stock pickups probably have 4 conductors. The PRS SE HFS from older 2010 or 2009 SE Custom 24 that has no push-pull coil split has only 2 conductors, which means you probably can't get it to coil split. Take note of this before buying or else you might have to go through hell to make it work or you could lose the singlecoil tones. Just aim for 4 conductors, not 2 conductors.
thanks max, the ax3 ia awsome there a steel at the price point.i want a pickup thats four conductor high output and great for harmonics, and heaps of gain running maybe dimarzio evo anyother suggestions?
they're pretty decent but they do feel a tad muddy under high gain :/
Magnet swap. I don't know what they put in those pickups, but you can retain a lot of the tone but smooth out the nasal midrange with an Unoriented alnico 5 magnet for $3. It's easy to do and once you've done it once or twice, you know all you need is a Philips screwdriver and about 15 minutes.

I came into this thread hoping someone knew the differences between a SE HFS and the regular SE pickups they used for so many years. DC resistances, magnet composition, maybe even wire type? I'm just curious. I've been dissecting pickups for a little while and trying to figure out the whole formula of it.
yeah i heard many people suggesting magnet swap, though i was too novice back then to actually consider that! Pulled mine out and got a Dimarzio D-Activator, sold the stock bridge pickup to a friend for $20 (didn't want to charge him too much because, well he's a good friend of mine) But the D-Activators really served me well, so..oh well :dontknow: Might ask my friend if he wanted to trade it back to me so that I could put them in any future projects :biggrin:

I've tried the SE Singlecut (SE pickups) and SE Custom 24 (SE HFS and Vintage Bass, which i later became the rightful owner of), and for some reason i felt that the SE Treble pickup is hotter, but sounded a lil' sterile, while the SE HFS still sounded modern but a tad more vintage than the SE Treble, it never sounded sterile to me. Not sure about the real specs though but i think they both have ceramic magnets.

My take on the sound differences:
SE Treble and Bass: Shinedown, Mark Tremonti (metal/heavy modern rock stuff exclusively)
SE HFS and Vintage Bass : Opeth, Dave Navarro (could transition from classic/modern metal to classic/modern hard rock to heavy/fuzzy blues to clean jazz)
thanks max, the ax3 ia awsome there a steel at the price point.i want a pickup thats four conductor high output and great for harmonics, and heaps of gain running maybe dimarzio evo anyother suggestions?

I might be biased for a bit. If you want harmonics, evo is a worthy choice, but it may sound thin for some people (like me). D-Activators were my choice, it's very powerful pickup, but retains string and note clarity even under high gain. Think about it as like, a bastard child of passive and active pickup. the harmonics literally jump of the fretboard and it didn't take much effort to pick squeal. It responds very quickly to pick attack and really reveals whether do you play sloppily or not. i had to be honest, the pickup made me improve and be cautious of my picking, but still i'm no John Petrucci :adore: If you're not looking for the kind of active pickup dynamics/power, you could try FRED, it's like a more mid-rangey PAF Pro (which the Evo was derived from). Then if you want something hotter than FRED, go for Mo' Joe. Norton could be a good choice too, according to Dimarzio, it's a cross-over between the Tone Zone and FRED. Less boomy than TZ and hotter than a Mo' Joe.

To sum it all up, here's all the pickups i have suggested:
1. D-Activator Bridge
3. Mo' Joe
4. Norton

It's just a guideline and I'm not trying to push you into buying these pickups if you don't really like them. You could make your own choices and try out others. Dimarzio has an exchange policy, that if you're not happy with the pickups you got, you could send it back to them and choose another one of the same price.
i ordered a evolution custom bobbin colour swap. i love these pickups i have had them in all sorts of guitars. but i pulled one out of my se custom 24 and put the hfs back in it sounds better in the prs then the evo.
I never new what hfs stands for,well i hear it mean,hot fat that correct ppl