Prs se Fredrik Åkesson Fretboard cleaning and setup


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Jun 11, 2013
Hello everybody, I am new to the forum as I have just purchased a second hand PRS se Fredrik Åkesson and have a couple of question's, first can you use lemon oil to clean an ebony fretboard, I know you can use it on a rosewood one but not maple, and secondly can I expect to get a very low action on this guitar, this is the first one I have owned with a set neck once and finally is there any upgrades worth doing to improve a great guitar further. many thanks Ades
Welcome to the forum Ades and congratulations on your new guitar.

Yeah, you can use lemon oil on ebony but it may not need it unless it's really dry. I would assume you should be able to get pretty low action on your SE and as far as upgrades are concerned; it's all a matter of taste. I think that the hard-tailed SE's are generally really nice out of the box.
I've had an Akesson since October, and have put some lemon oil on the board a few times, to clean but more so to keep the ebony from getting dried out. Mine got little fissures down the grain... not exactly full fledged cracks but I didn't want them turning into actual cracks of the board. I usually put a bit of lemon oil on a rag when I'm changing strings, wipe the board with it and let it sit for a few minutes before I wipe it back off again.

The Akesson is a great guitar, and I've always said that compared to a stock SE245, it's already got a lot of upgrades - ebony board, tonepros bridge, jumbo frets. The only thing I've done to mine is strap locks and new pickups. The stock pickups are really nice, but I had my heart set on some others and when I got them it just felt right to put them in that guitar. The brushed metal covers really made it pop visually, so if you go for new pups, get covered ones, you won't be disappointed. Had a couple people recommend that I get new pots and caps too, but I'm still on the fence about that one, already sounds mighty nice. Here's a pic of mine with the covered pickups:

Anyways, welcome and congrats on the new PRS! It's unofficial forum policy that NGD's require pictures, so let's see that baby!
As long as your neck relief is set right and the fretwork is good then you should be able to get a low action.

If you want super low action then the fretwork will need to be perfect.

The fretwork on SE's is very, very good but... If it's second hand and you're looking for super low action there's a possibility you may need to take it to a tech for a fret dress and to check the nut slots are at the right height. Only way to know is to fiddle with your fiddle! Pics! :)
Many thanks for all your replies, I have been trying to post a picture but failing at the moment.
One last question does anybody know what size of socket i need to adjust the truss rod
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Hello PRS fans... Hello Ades... I too am new to the forum. My PRS SE Fredrik Akesson arrives today... Very excited... The few mods that I have considered are a GraphTech nut (will be installed in a few days), Schaller locking tuners and possibly some new pups - depending on how the stock ones sound with my rig...

andy474x - what pickups did you end up going with..? I have been tossing around the idea of a JB (bridge) & a '59 (neck) or possible a Super D (bridge) with a Humbucker from Hell (neck). Any suggestions..?
andy474x - what pickups did you end up going with..? I have been tossing around the idea of a JB (bridge) & a '59 (neck) or possible a Super D (bridge) with a Humbucker from Hell (neck). Any suggestions..?