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Jun 28, 2013
I have an PRS SE EG2 Red. I'm trying to figure out if the jack plate is stock. It's made of black plastic similar to the truss rod cover and the tremolo/spring cavity on the back, and the jack sticks out pretty far like someone did a replacement, but all the pics I see show EG2's with a chrome jack plate like this blue one on reverb. If it's not I'd like to get it back to something more similar to stock.


Mine's serial number is just a few digits away (lower) than this one so I'm guessing it was made in a very similar timeframe, but it's red like this one on reverb, though it does NOT have the fixed bridge.

I also don't know if the strap buttons are stock, they seem oversized.


It's hard to get/see pics of these sorts of details.

Other details:

I picked it up 2nd hand a number of years ago based on an advertisement on Craigslist for just a few hundred bucks as I recall. I had drive drive North East out of Metro Detroit for quite a few miles that last few being a dirt road. It's setup was poor, had some wrong screws in it (according to my tech who said the screws were of the wrong metal type for either the one of the pickups or the pickguard) It's got a pretty bad ding on the tip of the headstock, but this an otherwise great guitar. Its stock pickups had been replaced with Fender Noiseless, perfect for me as I tend to play with a fair amount of "dirt". It's the one that kicks around the house and I'm not worked up if it get's another scratch (compared to my USA Custom 24 and other more expensive models.)
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Can one buy such PRS parts now anywhere, or do I just try to find another "aftermarket" part that's as close as possible?

Oh from here, it does look like these strap buttons are stock.
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Never seen a plastic jack plate on any SE. All I ever see is those football shaped chrome ones. If you wanna replace it, just buy an aftermarket one. I always have, never an issue.

Strap buttons look stock to me.