PRS SE Custom 24 Whale Blue Poplar Burl! Yes or no?!

I have quite a few SEs. I've done nothing to them to "improve" the quality - they were fine out of the box. I did put heavier strings on my SE 24-7 (the old 25" scale version, before the SVN). The only other change I made is to put covers on the stock pups of the Zach Myers I got back in 2014 - more for looks, but also to slightly tame the high-end for personal-taste reasons. (I also swapped out pickup rings and the pickup selector switch tip from while to black, because it looked better IMHO with the spalted maple top.)

Maybe I'm more tolerant of (minor) tuning issues because I started out on pretty crap guitars, but I don't experience much different from my cores, to be honest.