PRS SE Custom 24 - Future Updates?


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Dec 23, 2012
Hey, I'm looking to purchase a new guitar. I initially was looking at the Gibson faded series (now Junior series) but after playing some at Guitar Center I was a bit disappointed with the quality and began looking for different options.

I'm quite fond of the PRS SE Custom 24; however, with NAMM 2013 looming near I am a bit worried that I'll miss out on some update to the Custom 24 SE and be left with something slightly outdated. Before I pulled the trigger I wanted to be cautious and ask you folks over here: Since PRS just recently updated the SE Custom 24, can any of you imagine a new 2013 model? I ask since I know Gibson likes to surprise it's customers with yearly changes. Historically speaking, does PRS too?

In short: Buy SE Custom 24 now or wait a month after NAMM is over.


PS: Feel free to post any opinions on the Custom 24 SE, though I'm pretty sure I can't escape bias over here at the official forums ;-)
PPS: Question: Can Humbucker Covers fit on the 2012 Custom 24 SEs? The space seems really tight, I forgot to pay attention when I tried one out in store.
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Most likely they won't be updating that model, since it just was announced last year. But there could be other new models on the way. Good choice avoiding the Gibson faded series.
If the current model works for you, go for it. I see no reason to worry about the next big thing.

And of course we're biased here, but I'd much rather have an SE over one of the cheapie Gibsons.

You could put covers on the pickups, but I wouldn't recommend it. They will affect the tone, and not in a good way to me.
Funny I just posted in another thread about covering my Dragon 1 pickups and being really happy with the results. BUT, if you want to go the SE CU24 route and want covered pups, find you a set of covered 59/09s and make that sucka sing!!!
I'd get a SE C24 now. Seems unlikely it'll be upgraded any time soon. You'll love it i'm sure!

The SE's walk all over the Gibson faded IMHO. Not saying that as a fan boy but as someone who went looking for a singlecut last year and wound up with a Bernie Marsden after being dissappointed (And burned) by the offerings of other manufacturers including Gibson.

Now own the Bernie and a SE C24 2012. Can't go wrong! :)

Nothing wrong with trying some covers on your humbuckers. Just got to make sure you put them on right. Always been a fan of the covered 'bucker look which has outweighed any pitfalls in change of tone. For me at least.