PRS SE Custom 24 Charcoal Burst

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    Jun 9, 2020
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    My very first electric guitar, a brand new PRS SE Custom 24 was delivered yesterday and the Charcoal Burst looks awesome. I had to order it online because none of the local stores had this color in stock.

    Unfortunately after unboxing, I noticed that the output jack was loose and lodged inside the body. The return and/or exchange process (providing they have another one in the same color in stock) may take over a month because it took over two weeks to deliver this one and I do not want to wait that long if I really don't have to.

    Now, should I just take it to the local store and get it fixed? How much that might cost? Is it a quick fix? Since this is my first electric guitar and I am just learning to play, I am not so sure about how to proceed.

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    Welcome to the forum. That’s rare for a PRS to show up in less than perfect condition.

    The input jack has a nut and washer that holds it in place. Were those somewhere in your guitar case? If so you can fix it yourself in a few minutes.

    If those items weren’t in the case then you need to bring it to the store to get fixed. It’s brand new so it shouldn’t cost anything.
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