prs se 245 soapbar

Saw rumor on TGP of "after March", I haven't heard anything official yet.
We should receive the first shipment of the 245 Soapbars at the end of this month. We’ll look them over, do the set up and ship them off. Store should see them starting the beginning of April.
I have been looking for one also. This proves what the two things NAMM stands for; Not Available to Mid-March or Not Available to Mid-May. Take your choice, it has nothing to do with Music Merchants or whatever!
I was wondering this myself. I can't decide right now, between the 245 Soapbar (I have a 245 humbucker already), a SE Custom 24, or maybe something different and get the Clint Lowery model.
Thanks for the info Shawn

I have one on order with my local PRS dealer .It will be cool to have a matching SE 245 set .
How noisy are the PRS soapbar pickups? And what vol/tone pots are they mated with? I have a Squier Mascis Jazzmaster that has stock (Duncan Designed p-90s I believe), but I changed the pots to CTS 250k, maybe a bit dark, but no noise in any of the positions which is nice.
Yeah I think the 245 Soapbar will be my next guitar, if I can sell my SG. I just love the way my SE 245 plays and feels. Having the same thing with different pickups would be awesome. I love the thicker body of the 245 too, just does something for the sustain and lower end bass output.
Yup. I'd like to know how good and how noisy the stock pickups are.
They are no worse - or better - noise-wise, than other single coils out there. I've loved mine (in an SE One) from day-one and it is still my most gigged guitar. Love this pup so much that I loaded one in a FrankenStrat and it is just awesome. The growl I get with them thru the Super Dallas is goose bump inducing. These pickups don't get enough love, IMO.
I keep looking for them too... If you've ever seen the "guitar flow chart" - I'm on the "Do you have something with P90's "No" branch". :laugh:

I NEED one! :D
I actually saw a picture of a black one on "flea bay" . Not taken from the PRS pics , but an actual pic in a warehouse . So there must be some around . Can't wait !!!!!!
Just an update for you guys, I just checked and Sweetwater has 6 SE 245 Soapbars in stock - 2 black and 4 tobacco bursts. One of the bursts in particular looks really nice.
Gold top, gold top, gold top!

If that ever happens, my resistance is futile.
Thomann have 'em listed as arriving on 10th May ... I got a gig on 11th, wonder if they could rush me one in time ... :)