PRS SE 245 nut and bridge


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Mar 13, 2013
Ok so the guitar isn't even here yet and i am already thinking of moding it! (ill put pictures up as soon as i get it). From the replies on the other thread i posted ill be popping some 10's on instead of the 9's will i need to buy another nut or do i just need to cut the one i have (i am pretty handy on the tools but may defer to my local shop)

Also looking at the bridge (is it called a stoptail?) are there many problems with intonation? doesn't look like it can be adjusted??. Especially if i am going up to 10's? if there is one i am happy to change the bridge but wouldn't mind a nice easy "slot in place" one and one i can order from the Uk (or at least to be delivered to the uk) any ideas of where i can get one?
I bought a graphtech nut and put on my Bernie Marsden SE and then I put 11's on it. No adjustment necessary.

The bridge can be adjusted up and down and front-back. Front-back is done by set screws on either end of the bridge.
There's a reasonable chance you may need to have the slots widened on the stock nut if you go up to 10s. You may be able to do it easy enough with some folded fine grit sandpaper. If you wind up taking it to a tech you may as well have a new one fitted depending on what your tech charges. I pay around £30 for a new nut with my tech.

Dane's correct about the bridge adjustment. Never had any issues with intonation on my Bernie. I think in terms of replacement bridges we're slightly limited. You can get or could get a US one from the UK distributor which was Headline Music and is now PRS UK.

This is the US adjustable: It fits onto the existing Metric SE posts.

Other options are Tonepros (Heard they're awkward to string up?)

You could order the Schroeder adjustable bridge and metric locking studs, but it's from the US.