PRS S2 Series - USA Built!!! For $1179!!!

Discussion in 'Electric Instruments' started by Brad737, Jul 9, 2013.

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    Honestly the one that blew me away tonally was this S2 Mira. A lot of us were kind of blown by the overall sound and tone of this guitar and had many of us needing to change our pants :p

    Seriously, you don't hear the different between that and a solidbody? However I have yet to find a store with one to actually try through a Mesa. For all we know that guitar just sounds riciculous through that Archon amp and is nothing to write home about when you play it through your own rig. I have a hollowbody and a CU24 nd I very much prefer the HB because of the overall clarity you get. It breathes more then the solidbody, especially when you tune down like I do (One full step down with both E strings tuned down an additional full step), so clarity without having to retool your whole amp sound to cater to that lower tuning is a very nice thing. Just me two pennies.
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    Hi. New to this forum and PRS guitars. I just got myself an s2 singlecut in dark cherry sunburst. I will post a separate NGD thread soon with pics.

    But for today I was wondering if anyone on here knows who manufactures the s2 locking tuners? I've tried the phase ii tuning buttons and they don't fit and from my understanding those were made by schaller. And I've also read that the s2 tuners are a similar design to the phase ii. But the phase iii is gotoh?

    So to be clear I am looking for a nice pair of faux bone/ivory buttons for my s2. Just curious if there is a definitive answer on who manufactures the s2 tuners.

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