PRS newbie - Q re: pickup noise


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Nov 14, 2012
Hi all - just acquired my very first PRS - a Mikael Akerfeldt SE (the one with the big Opeth "O" on the body). So far I am truly enjoying the instrument - it is a really engaging guitar in every way...the guitar has a ton of personality and represents amazing workmanship for the price IMHO. Very cool.

HOWEVER, getting to my the SE Vintage Bass pickup normally much noisier than the SE HFS pickup? On this axe, much more so than my other humbucker guitars (incl. a Les Paul Custom and an ES-335), there is a BIG increase in noise/hum/buzz when going from the near-silent bridge pickup to either of the other 2 positions. The VB in the neck isn't crazy-noisy like my Tele single-coils...but it's far noisier than the HFS in the bridge.

Just wondering if this is to be expected for this pickup combo or if maybe something isn't grounded/wired quite right. Any thoughts?