PRS Newbie - Just brought home an SE Hollow Body II

About the case ... Considering one can pay up to $1,750 for an S2 and still get a gig bag ? The case is cool. Is it as cool as the SKB i3 thing with the wheels I let my pusherman sell me with my Thinline (that comes with a bag ? )

No. Cooler that than the $160 Gator case ? Maybe not ... but the HB II case does seem to have some "weatherproofing" in the outer shell, and it like somebody else said in a different thread "Does the job if you are your own Roadie" .;)

Assuming the HB will fit in the SKB Crazycase (I swear the thing would stop bullets) I'll probably put her in that one, as the HB's are more fragile that their clunky solid bros ...

Imagine what Pete Townshend would have done to a HB one, over a Marshall 4X12 Cab ? ...:eek:
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Welcome to the forum. I am pretty new myself I found them to be a great bunch of people!
Tell us about the case! I am curious how well made the case is, and whether it is likely to fit core hollowbodies or other guitars.
It fits the SE snugly (you'll want to take the strap off), and I imagine the Core would fit, with a little wiggle room. It also fits a Les Paul. However, no good for Strats.