Prs moving away from V12?


Moo Panuwat
Aug 15, 2012
Bangkok, Thailand
I bought a brand new '13 CU24 and it had flaking marks on both sides of fingerboard rims. These marks already came with the guitar since the 1st time I opened the box. I didn't return it as I didn't want to wait another 4-5 months for the replacement (I'm in Thailand). The V12 finish is thinner and seemed to be harder compared to the old poly-acrylic finish - overall I prefer V12 over the old poly-acrylic one, at least the V12 finish doesn't get cloudy.

They didn't either affect tone or playability but really annoyed my sight so I decided to sliced them off with a cutter (yes, a cutter). I don't know how many V12-finished PRS guitars get flaking, but my ME Quatro and McCarty 58 don't have this issue to date.

Having conversation with Shawn, PRS stopped using the V12 since 2016 and return to polyester base coat with acrylic top coat, but this time with improvement in applying the coating so there's no cloudy finish like the old days anymore.

Let's see how it looks like. Note the board rim at 12th fret.


A close-up look at it. BTW, there's also the same symptom on another side of fretboard but I can't find the photo I took of it.



Life is good, it really is.
Apr 26, 2012
Cincinnati OH
I had the flaking issue on my Paul's Guitar in just about the exact same spot as FunkyFreeman - Sent it back to PRS and they refinished the entire guitar for free, under warranty. They even asked if I wanted a different color! No issues whatsoever since. Was by far the best experience I've ever had with customer service and warranty repair work.