PRS Monthly Jam - April 2019


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Jan 17, 2015
So we missed March....

Let's give this a try again

For those of you new to this here's the lowdown.
* Download the backing track at the link below
* Load track up into your recording medium whatever that may be (if the track is too long cut it down)
* Record yourself (play lead, rhythm, add vocals, harmonica whatever you feel)
* Post your track up here for others to listen
* Tell us what gear you used (if you want)
* Leave some constructive comments about others recordings

This is all about playing, learning and having fun so hope you join us.

How about we give this one a try a little Funky Groove this month:
Just found this post and having a listen to the track right now.
I think I'll be able to have a jam with that. I don't expect I'll be able to do anything until the start of next week though.
OK help me ;/
I am stumped
No Idea how to play anything to this track.
I feel bad this is the first one I missed the deadline for ;(
I just couldn't find a grove for this one, still stumped, its one of those that I'm playing the right notes it just sounds WRONG
PLEASE folks post something for me , I almost and on the road.
Yeah I downloaded it a few weeks ago and spent an hour or so struggling to Jam along. It was hard to get into the groove. Then I was away on holiday and since then I haven't had the motivation to go back and do something. Sorry for that. I do feel sorry considering the effort that jjpish68 goes into sorting out these Jams. Please don't stop. I think they're a good idea even if I don't always get around to supporting them.