PRS models for collectability


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Feb 20, 2020
Just joined this forum as I am really enjoying my PRS core 30th model. I was curious as Ive seen generally the core models tend to depreciate by up to 50% after 5 years or so, are there certain PRS models or core variants that seem to hold their value better? Im also looking to add a model with the pattern thin neck as I was torn between that and the pattern regular and wondering if I should get another core or perhaps another model.

Thanks for the help.
I don’t think you can count on a particular model holding value better than others.

There are small runs that stand up well, but you don’t really know which it might be until the few years it takes for them to settle into owners (versus care takers) hands. Westie, ME1, and Dirty 100 are examples.
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That depreciation figure is relative to MAP I presume, it's often possible to work on that ;-)

For Core models Wood Library runs in Private Stock-only finishes can hold their value much better if it's a popular color (Northern Lights, Beach Fade seem to be the top 2). Stores can only use these colors once in a while for a store anniversary run, so you don't see many of them.
At the moment Wildwood (Frostbite, Northern lights) and Wildwest (Beach fade, Salmon) have some.
Brian's Guitars also has a run coming in around summer (Iceberg Fade, Zombie Fade, beach fade, and Laguna).

Buying already used is another option to consider, I don't do it enough myself but when I do I usually break even.
Buying already used is another option to consider, I don't do it enough myself but when I do I usually break even.

You can find great value in brand new condition closet queens that folks never play and trade in. I just actually picked up a 2012 Music Man BFR in the Jacksonville Guitar Center while on vacation and it was new condition with the factory strings still on it. You can find plenty of PRS like this if you know where to look. My gold all hog CE was 10 yr old NOS from the far east that I got for a great price.
That depends!.

They’re excellent investments, provided you’re properly paid when you play them! :p

All of my PRSes, including my PS models, have earned their keep, paid for themselves, and helped me earn a living.

Worth their weight in gold.
Fair, but I would call those necessary tools in your case.