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Apr 24, 2012
Potomac, MD
Ever wonder about those pesky numbers and letters on your hangtag, on the end of the car or in the pup cavity?

Well, worry no more, thanks to Guit Me's PRS MODCAT Decoder! Just type in the numbers, and a wealth of info will be at your fingertips!


P.S. WARNING!!! May cause insomnia, baldness, penchant for playing the blooze while wearing a Hawaiian shirt, insufferable discussions about why they changed this or that, and much complaining that the older guitars were better...

P.P.S. May not be completely up to date for the most current models. So, If your MODCATs don't work, too bad. Look at your guitar, it should be quite apparent what you have... :lol:
Artist said:
Very interesting. Thanks!

Do older year models carry these codes too?

Define "older"...

I believe they hand wrote the modcat in the pup cavity in the late '90's. Then, it was replaced by a sticker...

Earlier, they wrote WF, 10 top, etc, but not all of the specs...

Very helpful in finding information about your particular guitar
The modcat for my sig.limtd. says it has mod. eagl. appointments, not sig.limtd. WHAT's UP WITH THAT?????????????????????
The modcat for my sig.limtd. says it has mod. eagl. appointments, not sig.limtd. WHAT's UP WITH THAT?????????????????????
1st, please post your MODCAT and the results so we can see what you're talking about.

Next, everyone should keep in mind that the MODCAT decoder isn't a PRS product. Rather, it is a fan product that might need to be updated every time PRS makes a change to the line-up. As such, the decoder might not always be accurate.

Signature Limited models produced in 2012 (as opposed to the Sig LE from '89-'91) certainly share some common details with the Modern Eagles - like scale, mixed (nickel/gold) hardware, and the fretboard inlay.
Can anyone help me with mine ce10r 25321.2 Only info was that it's a classic electric haha
I know what the pickups are but I wanted to know the official colour just out of interest

I'll see about building another version. It will tie into something else I have cooking up for you guys.
Forum member rugerpc has been compiling MODCAT info and I created a web page yesterday that uses that info to decode your MODCAT.

The thread with the latest MODCAT info (still in progress, though seems to be mostly complete) is here:

The web decoder, also a work in progress, is here:

If you have any corrections, feedback or questions related to the MODCAT stuff, please post in the other thread. All feedback is welcome! Thanks.