PRS McCarty and 594 Fret Question

Steve Dombroski

PRS Pulse Artist
PRS Pulse Artist
Jan 6, 2016
Hey everyone.

I have a general question on the fret wire on the McCarty and the McCarty 594. What's everyone's consensus on the slightly flattened nature of it? I always thought a fret should have a crown and that flattened fret wire could create some intonation and buzzing issues.

What say you new McCarty and 594 owners?
Been using 594's for more than a year and yes, I noticed that the frets on this model were flattened down but I must say I haven't experienced any issues at all, even though I prefer McCarty's taller frets.

IMHO the height of frets won't be an issue as long as the guitar is set up well enough. I also had owned with some PArker Fly guitars whose frets were extremely short (extremely low action) and they played like a dream without any buzz at all.
IIRC, when the 594 was launched there was a statement about the frets being that way to approximate that "broken in" feeling. I'm paraphrasing, of course, but there was a specific reason behind it.
Two 594s, one a Soapbar Ltd and the other an HB II, no issues. Same for two McCarty HBs. I’d put that concern to bed.

I had a 72 LP Custom with the fretless wonder frets… flattest frets I’ve ever seen. Hated the way it played, but intonation wasn’t an issue. Perhaps any flatness issue was offset by near-zero deflection toward the fretboard. In any case, I’ve no concerns with a flatter profile.
None of my McCartys have fret issues. Never had a buzz or anything. Maybe it’s just a preference/feel thing but the flatter frets shouldn’t cause issues. I played a couple 594s (don’t own any) and yeah, the wire seems flatter but it’s not as flat as some LPs I’ve played.
I just looked at my PS HB594 and sure enough it has the flat fret tops! :eek:
However, the action is microscopic, has no fret buzz and is the easiest playing guitar I own.
My last R9 was like that as well, so my PS HB594
and 60th anniversary R9 are tied for the best action I have ever had on guitars, and I have owned quite a few. :D
Zero issues here. FWIW, this 594PS is one of the best sounding guitars I've ever owned.