PRS Locking Phase II Tuners made by Gotoh question


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Aug 5, 2016
Hi everyone, I'm new to the PRS forum and this is my first post.

I recently bought a used 2007 Paul Reed Smith CE 24 and immediately began upgrading its parts. One of the "upgrades" was to replace the tuning buttons with ebony ones. I did a bit of research and my tuners looked like Phase II tuners so I ordered Schaler style buttons. To my surprise, they didn't fit. As a test, I took a Gotoh button from another guitar and it fit perfectly. So I took one of the PRS CE 24 tuning machines off and sure enough it says "Gotoh" and "Made in Japan".

I've searched on Google but can't find anything about these. Can anyone shed some light? They can't be for an SE since I bought the core USA Phase II tuners from PRS and they dropped right in without any modifications. Could it be that these were made specifically for the CE?
Phase II keys were always made by Gotoh to my knowledge, until the new S2 version.

Schaller only made the original Phase I (shared screw on D/G), which were replaced with Gotoh made (I believe) Phase I around 1998.
I was looking to upgrade the buttons on the tuners to ebony and all posts on EBay for phase II replacements were for Schaller style buttons but stated that they would fit all Phase II USA tuners. So, I bought some and they didn't fit. I took a button off of a Gotoh tuner and it fit. Then I ordered a new set of PRS Phase II tuners and they are different from the original ones I had on the CE - buttons are much larger on the new Phase IIs and the Gotoh buttons I have don't fit the new Phase IIs I bought.