PRS + High Gain; Best combinations?

I've got my Archon 50 loaded up with pedals in the front and in the effects loop. My 408 is absolutely nuts through it. Especially clean!

There's a good comparison video on youtube regarding the Archon and the Orange Rockerverb but my buddy has a Rockerverb. I am immediately skeptical with Orange but I dare say it is even better in some facets than the Archon. I was so impressed. Here's the video!


Into this

Into this
I forgot to mention the cab.
It’s a PRS HG-70 4x12 loaded with the original Celestion G12-50 speakers. These were a custom spec speaker made for PRS.
This is some info I have found on them -

Speaker info from Celestion: The speakers are G12-50's issued on 23/03/89 as a special design for Paul Reed Smith Guitars. They are not the same as a G12M Greenback, but have some common features. They use a similar magnet assembly (35oz ceramic), the same vintage specification paper cone, but have a different voice coil (Nomex paper) which will take 50W rather than 25, but doesn't have the same sound. At low gain levels and volumes these will sound like a G12M, but perhaps not quite as sweet or open. However, with high gain and when pushed
these will retain clarity and definition better than a G12M, and will also give better clean headroom.

Lightest and best combination:

Amp 1 Iridium Edition (1.2 kg), 4 channel, 100 Watt + Barefaced Reformer 112 w/ Celestion Neo 250 Copperback.

(I'm going to spend some money on a Kammler Big-Bi 2×12 with the same speaker).
It's the most precise speaker I have heard so far.
It makes the amp and guitar sound like they are w/o own coloration.

Works with 513 and Holcomb SE very well.
Getting me all weak in the knees over here. That is one killer setup with amazing options!
Pic of the 3 heads was what I tracked with in the studio the past month. Archon and Bad Cat on most rhythm stuff. They had a Mesa angled standard size 4x12 so I just used that for most of it. It’s one cab that I owned for a long time that I wish I hadn’t sold. I used an old Marshall 4x12 with the SLO for some solo and color overdubs. Yes, master was at 7 when I tracked and it was glorious.:D
Any HB PRS will be a perfect match for highgain amps from Soldano, Diezel, Bogner, Mesa, Engl, Friedman and so on.