PRS guitarist?

When I first got into PRS(mid 90's) it was Dave Navarro & Alex Lifeson that made me pay attention. Santana also, mostly because, well, he's Santana! When Sevendust hit in '97 and Clint started using them I was pumped...already had my 1st CU22 by then.
Today there's a pile of great players, but when I think tones and bands I really like... still Jane's Addiction, Sevendust(all Clint's projects), Myles Kennedy(Mark too), Karnivool, Dave Grissom, Tony McManus, Pete from Chevelle has some of my favorite heavy rhythm tones ever recorded, Gary Grainger and Rhonda Smith.

I was going through some pictures of a concert I went to last fall (free concert, woohoo), and got to see Aranda... Pretty killer band, good mix of blues, rock, funk, country, name it, you could probably pick out some genre that influenced their sound. Anywho, I just noticed this...

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Taste of Madison is always a good time! I'm not much of a fan of the band, but I REALLY enjoyed their set a lot.