PRS/Fralin Domino output ques.tion


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Sep 3, 2012
About two hours from Hollywood
Does anyone know what the output for the EG Fralin Domino style pickup is? Would it be in the lower vintage strat output? (6-7k range?) Just wondering about this guitar. Not a lot of info out on the net, and the pickups seem a lot lower than my CE EG that I had (With three single coils) I was kind of expecting a P90 sound? Any info would be great!!!
Can't help a lot other than I have found the dominos to be essentially useless in my EG2. I play in a rock cover band and just cannot find a place for these. They just dont seem to lend themselves well to the songs. My bridge pickup is a Fralin Unbucker in that guitar. I like it a lot.

When I was ordering the Unbucker, Lindy told me some stories about the development of those domino pickups at PRS. I cannot remember all the details - but the summary was that it was a very hard pickup to make, it ended up being the most expensive pickup in the PRS line (in their least expensive guitar). I didn't get the sense that Lindy was very proud of his involvment in that particular process.

Since I bought a Mira, I have not brought the EG to any of my shows. I probably need to get rid of it - but am pretty lazy. I've toyed with the idea of replacingt the dominos with Fralin Split blades and getting a new pickgaurd made. I need a new gaurd anyway as a previous owner mutialted the original trying to stuff an EMG select in the Bridge position.