PRS Experience

The only reason I’d bring my wife is maybe she’d buy me something.

Other than that, you wanna hit it stag.
My wife attended with me in 2018 - she had a blast, encouraged me to buy the Experience SSH that I snagged, and really enjoyed looking at all the nice PS guitars - she picked out her favorite, and naturally it was the most expensive guitar at the show...

She started playing bass not long after, so next Experience it is possible she will want to pick out a new bass of her own, though she has a collection of every PRS Core and SE bass model they ever made. And she's currently mostly playing a non-PRS bass that I picked up for her as a Christmas present...come on PRS, release some new, slightly different bass models, like a short scale semi-hollow (because that's what I got her for Christmas, so a PRS version would be a great comparison).

EDIT: Also, can I please note my easily confused state since Les changed his avatar and his screen name, and now you've adopted Les's old avatar, and I honestly don't know who is posting what now.

"I am he as you are he as you are me, And we are all together"
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This summer would be ripe for a PRS experience. All we have left now is the Dallas Show in May. Now that Gearfest is noe more and NAMM just a memory.