PRS Experience 2012 Swamp Ash (Foil)


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Jul 30, 2012
Thinking about getting a PRS Experience 2012 Swamp Ash (Foil), has anyone played one are does anyone have any advice?
I had a SAS Studio for awhile...Great sounding/super versatile, but I could never get along with the jumbo frets or narrower nut width. You may want to play one first to be sure!
I have done it, I ordered the green foil and will be getting on Saturday. Pictures will be coming soon!
I know, thread revival from the dead. My Desert Foil is my avatar pic-LOVE this guitar!
More, more, more! How do you like it?

I LOVE this guitar! I was in Cincinnatti for some training last October and wandered into the GC there. I had spoken to Ron Lucas about checking out some acoustic PA gear for the new Potbelly Sandwich Shop we were opening (first in Tennessee). I walk in and look over at the electrics wall and this thing just jumped out compared to everything else (It is bangin' under stage lights).

So I ask him about it and he tells me that they bought it at the 2012 Experience and for whatever reason no one had ever bought it. The MSRP was $4300 or $4400, can't remember which, and they had it marked WAY down because it was one of their "3-Day Guitar Sales" or something like that. I tried to keep my mind off of it as I checked out some BOSE and Fishman PA stuff.

Next thing I know I'm taking the PRS into the Platinum Room where they had some killer amps ready to go. After playing it for 45 minutes or so I knew it was coming home with me. You can feel the strings vibrating in the maple neck like crazy! The tones are very versatile, and fits my band perfectly. And the thing just looks insane!
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