PRS DC3 NF3 etc

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Apr 26, 2012
I sometimes think when PRS introduce new models that they don't do them the justice they deserve and as a result the models struggle to survive and sell. Take the DC3 for example, the sunburst models would look much better IMO with a white pickguard and pickup covers. I would love to see them also with regular dot markers and a more subtle trussrod cover. Same goes for the NF3's. These guitars are aimed squarely at the Fender players so humour us with some more vintage and traditional appointments, I'm sure it would help sales. They are amazing guitars and I have a DC3 myself but would love it all the more if it received such treatment.

As it stands the DC3 especially and the NF3's are being heavily discounted and still lanquish on the shelves. A UK PRS dealer lists them as 'end of line' which I hope isn't so.When I bought mine it was so cheap that I had to promise not to publish the price on a forum, my dealer told me that he basically couldn't sell them unless he 'gave' them away!

There seems a poor selection of finishes too on the initial guitars at dealers many of which have not sold. Would love to see a trans blonde....a two tone burst.......fiesta red etc. This is a guitar for people who want a Strat type instrument that plays as good as a PRS.

Am I wrong? I would hate to see this guitar fade away.
I was actually thinking it was more of marketing challenge, people who want something strat-like are just going to get a strat. I asked a similar question before. The only other theory is that there is a new line of DC3 and NF3s on their way out and dealers are trying to get rid of the old ones.

I had a similar experience, I got a massive discount on my NF3 just a few days ago. It's fantastic for us though because we're getting an amazing deal, but it's a real shame that the line doesn't seem to be working out for PRS.
Maybe so, its a shame because I really think with the right specs these could have sold well. Only a few UK dealers have a DC3 in stock and the rest have discounted NF's. Wonder whats next. Maybe that body shape with 408's? I have noticed a recent trend in these harsh economic times whereby some PRS dealers are cutting back on their stocks.