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Jun 1, 2024

I ordered a set of Mojotone PW Hornets and wanted to attempt to install them myself; however, I'm finding myself to be overwhelmed in understanding what's actually going on here. I have a basic understanding of pots and switches but have never installed pickups before and all the diagrams I've found don't seem to be 100% relevant.


Here's a shot of the internals with the old pickups removed. The left pot is volume, the upper right is a push/pull tone pot, and there's a 3 way switch.


Underside of the tone pot


Booklet for the pickups (both bridge and neck seem to be the same)

Note: Both bridge and neck pickups have black, green, and red/white (tied together) wires.

Again, it seems like I can find different diagrams but they leave out specifics like the push/pull tone or they wire directly to volume rather than having all these connections between the three parts so I'm confused how it translates. Could anyone point me in the right direction or help me getting this thing wired up? Also, I don't think I understand what the yellow wire is doing, can someone explain?

I should note that I've read these are coil-tapped rather than coil-split so I'm not sure how that affects this install.

Thanks in advance