PRS Core McCarty 594 single cut push-pull tone pots question


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Nov 17, 2023
I've run into some difficulties with one of the PP tone pots on my 2018 McCarty 594 SC (cross threaded the bolt). I'm going to replace all of the pots as I'm replacing the pickups and would like to re-do the harness.

I need to find replacements but the UK distributor is currently out of stock - I'm still waiting to hear on a likely ETA for new stock.

In the meantime, does anyone know where I could get them in Europe or the USA (and ship to the UK)?

My other question is why does PRS use a 10mm bushing for the volume pots and an M8 bushing for the tone pots? This doesn't seem to make any sense to me - as far as I can see a pot is a pot is a pot. Why not just use 10mm all round and then they would be easy to replace? I will not be routing my guitar :)

I may be missing something here on this score and would be grateful if someone could help me out.

Thank you!
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Looking at my Core 594 it does indeed have the smaller shafts for the tone pots. I would check around on ebay or for sellers who may ship to the UK.
That's possible but I believe both pots are made by Bourns but to PRS specs - Bourns do make a 17mm push pull with a 10mm bushing but they don't fit - as I discovered to my cost :D