PRS CE24 Ltd edition Satin Nitro

Discussion in 'Electric Instruments' started by gorguts, Feb 10, 2019.

  1. gorguts

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    Feb 10, 2019
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    I struggle to understand the exact color name or reference of two specific PRS CE24 ltd Satin nitro. I see different variations and names online, so not sure exactly what PRS released exactly and what is out there on sale as 2nd hand (as it's not produced anymore).

    It's about the purple one, i see 2 color names:
    • Charcoal Purple Burst
    • Faded Grey Black Purple Burst
    Based on pictures of second hand guitars i see on reverb or ebay, it seems to me the Charcoal Purple Burst is lighter and the Faded Grey Black Purple Burst.
    Are they two different models or the same and it's just the quality of the picture i see that makes the Charcoal lighter?

    Thanks a lot for your help guys,
  2. jjhookemup

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    Jul 4, 2018
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    Faded grey blk purple burst is the name, the other I believe is a miss print. Cool guitar

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