PRS CE 24 Semi-Hollow or S2 Custom 24 35th Anniversary

David Melnick

New Member
Dec 9, 2020
Hoping to get some insights. I have an S2 Starla with Bigsby that I absolutely love. I am planning to add another PRS to my collection and debating between the S2 Custom 24 35th Anniversary Edition or the CE 24 Semi-Hollow. Both are stunning. I love the independent split switches on the 35th. But - which will complement my Starla better and give me more range between the two? Are the CE's worth the extra $5-600? I play a wide range or music - from punk and hard rock to jam band and classic rock.

Look forward to hearing thoughtful feedback from this insightful group!
I’m sorry, there’s no right or wrong answer. A 24 fretter will always sound differently from a 22 fret guitar. Those are both great choices, go play them, listen to every demo online and then buy one. Of course I’d come back 6 months later and buy the other one.
I knew this was going to be the response. And it's a fair one since it's such a difficult and subjective question to answer. I guess a better way to ask it is...if you had $1,200-1,800 to spend and a Starla on the wall at home, would you buy a CE 24 Semi-Hollow or an S2 Customer 24 35th Anniversary and why? (or something else?)
CE24. Because it is more differenter.... seriously though, bolt on maple neck and semi hollow. Also I can say this because I have one and love it.
Voted and answered along the same vein in your other thread but without hesitation I'd get the CE24. I wouldn't do a semi hollow but that's me and if you want one go for it.