PRS CE-24 Alder Maple Top 1991 Early Production

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Mar 18, 2021
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I am still not sure. The wiring looks solid to me - maybe from factory? I am just not sure about the white wire. Too shiny to be 30 years old maybe?
I found a Ben Rivera who worked at PRS in 1991, so he was a craftsman and not a customer. As for the wiring, since PRS did custom orders, anything is possible. This is the first time I have ever seen factory covers on HFS/VB. However, the 3-way toggle option involved a right-angle toggle and a push-pull tone pot as per the pic and wiring diagram below. It is conceivable that this was a factory wiring job, but I assume they would have used the same type of jack and wiring as on other PRS from the same time...



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Feb 1, 2022
Hi guys,

after a little pause I am back with another question.

As mentioned before here in the thread the trem should be decked. I would like to use the tremolo occasionally but I hate when I rest or push a little my right hand on the bridge the guitar gets out of tune.

Woudl it by OK just to add some springs so the bridge will rest on the body? Or I need to manipulate with the bridge screws as well?

I need the bridge to be fixed (so I cannot move it just with pressing my hand on the bridge) but I'd like to use the trem arm sometimes. Any tips? Thank you!


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May 21, 2021
I would block the tremolo In your case. It was designed as a floating tremolo as far as I know. A luthier van take care of that easily with a few small pieces of wood