PRS CAD Amp and Cab Pic thread!

Guys, my OCD compels me to suggest that certain of these amplifiers need to be dusted.
My new Ottawa gigging rig:


Came out great!

Per NAD post, tone report coming soon...
Very nice, Daniel!

]-[ @ n $ 0 |v| a T ! ©;21001 said:
Daniel's rig is classic. I love that cab too.

Agree! I have seen that head a bunch of times, but usually on a black cab. The matching set looks GREAT! Classy...

(Nice Ted, as well! ;))

Thanks guys! I asked Doug Sewell if they could make me a matching cab at the Experience two years ago. He got hold of the last of the green fabric and "put my name on it". Once the CAD program got running they built it for me. I was told it is the one and only matching cab for the green 25TH Ann. Amps and the last of that fabric was used to make it. Doug and Mike Clark are some cool guys.